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GSD Wi-Corporate Controller

The GSD Wi-Corporate Controller can manage up to 20 Door Controls, networkable via TCP/IP to the GSD Wi-Corporate Software Suite. A choice of technologies including Biometric Fingerprint, MIFare DESFire Smar Card, RFID, or PIN are avaiable depending on the security requirements of site.

  • Maximum of 2000 Doors
  • 100 Wi-Corporate Central Controllers per system.
  • Contols 20 GSD Door controls over secure Zibgree wirefree network.
  • 30,000 users.
  • 30,000 door groups
  • 30,000 timezones
  • Database encryption
  • Local and remote access via TCP/IP
  • Card creation and printing facility.
  • Built in PSU and battery backup
  • Unlimited Log and auto backup
  • Input/Output mapping to CCTV and Lift Control.


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GSD Wi-Corporate Controller