GSD Devices Work Harder For Your Installer Business.

Why Work With GSD?

Greater Profits

Our products are competitively priced without compromising on quality. This means greater profits for your installer business

Your first installation Commissioned

We’ll help you install your first GSD system

Free Training

We’ll take the time to make you and your team GSD experts

Revenue Generation

The GSD App helps generate recurring revenue for your business

Guaranteed Irish Devices

All Of our security devices are Guaranteed Irish, which makes them hugely popular with end users

Marketing Support

We pass end user leads that come to us from all around the country, on to you

The GSD Video Training Academy.

Here at the GSD Video Training Academy, you’ll find a host of video resources designed to help installers and engineers become more familiar with GSD products. Our video academy will give installers that are new to our devices, an insight into how they work and how easy they are to set up. 

Take a look at the GSD i70 App user setup below, wherever and whenever suits you.

The GSD i70 App

Video Notes

In this video tutorial installers will learn how to setup the GSD App for an end user.

 Register For The GSD i70 App

**The GSD Video Academy is designed for installers and security engineers only.**

Tech Support That Cares

Local Technical Support

At GSD, we know that being an installer means working in high pressure scenarios, with tight turn around times and demanding customers. 

The technical support staff at GSD have a wealth of experience to help you get an installation done in a time efficient way and get to your next job. Just ask Paul, our most experience tech support agent. Paul has 30 years + experience as an installer in the security installation industry. He’s dealt with every kind of situation, and he knows being an installer comes with a degree of pressure. Paul has a saying at GSD.

If there’s pressure, it’s handled”. 

Installer Testimonials

GSD Product Introduction Day

The GSD Product Introduction Day will offer installers a friendly, relaxed environment to demo GSD Access & Intruder security devices. The day will also offer installers the opportunity to ask our technical support specialist, Paul, any questions (no matter how complex or simple), they may have about GSD devices. 

There will be light refreshments available throughout the day and there will also be stock available to buy on premises, for any installers wishing to do so. 

The GSD Academy Training Days take place at regular intervals throughout the year. if you are interested in attending the next training day, please fill out the form below.

Become A Registered GSD Installer

Get In Touch Today, To Find Out How GSD Can Work For You. 

To become a GSD Certified Installer please fill in the contact us  form below with your details and we will contact you to find out more about your company and arrange GSD training for your employees.

The Guaranteed Irish Factor

End users love our Guaranteed Irish security products, for their quality and their benefit to the wider community. 

When you choose to offer GSD devices to your customers, your choosing to:

  • Support local jobs
  • Help to grow the local economy
  • Help to grow local innovations 
  • Help to grow local business

You’ll also benefit from:

  • Friendly local support
  • Friendly local expertise
  • Knowing where your security devices come from.
Take a look at our Guaranteed Irish intruder products, here.

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GSD devices work harder for your business

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