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Every home has a unique set of security needs. At GSD we make it easy for you to find the best security solution for your home. We work with the best installers in the country, combining our quality Guaranteed Irish Home security products, with their years of experience in alarm setups. When you choose GSD you can be sure your home is getting the security system and setup that it needs, at a competitive price. 

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The GSD Home Security App

We know that homeowners need to feel in control of their home security. With the GSD home security app, you can control every aspect of your home security from the palm of your hand, with features including:

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Keep Burglars At A Distance, With Perimeter Protection.

Shock/Contact Sensors

With our Shock/Contact Sensors you can know if intruders are around the perimeter of your home, before they attempt to break-in. These devices are usually fitted to doors and windows on the property. The main advantage to this type of home security is that your alarm will be triggered before the intruder gets inside your home, usually deterring an intruder from full entry to your home. 

The Grade 2 Wireless Shock/Contact Sensors features: 

  • System Integration –  digitally adjusted from the GSD i70 Keypad
  • Solid state shock sensor element
  • LED indicator in cover
  • PCB in lid making battery changes easy 
  • Transmits Alarm, Tamper, Low Battery and Supervisory conditions

Home Security, Made Better.

Put Your Home Security in the hands of local people you can trust, with GSD.

When you choose GSD Home Security devices, your choosing to:

  • Support local jobs
  • Help to grow the local economy
  • Help to grow local innovations 
  • Help to grow local business

You’ll also benefit from:

  • Friendly local support
  • Friendly local expertise
  • Knowing where your security devices come from.

Be Alerted Instantly, If A Burglar Breaks Into Your Home

PIR Sensors

Trap Protection utilises PIR sensors set strategically around the inside of the home to detect motion, while the system is armed.

  • Triggers the system if an intruder gets inside of your property. 
  • Manufactured in Ireland using high quality parts and has a battery life of 3 years
  • GSD work with registered, experienced installers in order to strategically set up PIRS sensors to suit the dimensions of your home.
  •  Use in conjunction with a perimeter protection plan for maximum security

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Home Security, Made Better.

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Home Security, Made Better.