GSD Wi-Plus Controller

NEXT GENERATION: The convenience and security of a fully networked wireless system throughout the premises at a fraction of the cost. Highly engineered to deliver easy installation and modern robust aesthetics.

WIRELESS CENTRAL CONTROL: Up to 15 door controls (Wi-Plus Family) over a secure network (Zigbee IE 802.15.4 standard with 32 bit to 128 bit AES encryption). Interfaces with GSD Wi-Plus Software. Ideal for up to a 45 door system.


  • Supports 5000 users
  • 16 user groups
  • 16 time zones
  • Controls and monitors up to 15 doors
  • 16 door groups
  • Challenge facility
  • Unlimited logging
  • Card creation and printing facility.
  • Input/output mapping for lift control and CCTV control
  • Supports wireless and RS485 networks
  • Backup facility
  • Database encryption for maximum security
  • Programmed via GSD Wi-Plus & Enterprise Software
  • TCP/IP
  • Exporting facility in .pdf and .csv formats for:
    • Time and attendance
    • Event history
    • User activity


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