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Company Profile

Global Security Devices (GSD) was founded in January 2006 with determination to provide the best wireless security system that had all the ruggedness, reliability and performance of a wired security system which would be very quick and cost effective to install. Since then GSD has designed & manufactured Stand-Alone Access Control, Network Access Control and Wireless Intruder Alarm systems.

Global Security Devices is a leader in innovation and development in the field of wireless security systems. Our team of highly specialized security industry experts continually work on developing innovative solutions to maximize the security, simplicity and reliability of security systems for our customers. 

GSD have partnered with Samsung to provide GSD distributors and installers with best in class integration solution for GSD Access Control, GSD Intruder Alarm Systems and Samsung CCTV.

The main advantages of GSD security solutions recognised by our customers:

  • 40% off on labour and cabling costs
  • User friendly product
  • Hybrid system (wired or wireless) 
  • Less disruption to the client
  • Faster installation
  • Proven reliability

The time has come to make the change and find out what wireless security can do for you.