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GSDi Grade 2 Wireless Contact/ Universal Sensor



  • Grade 2 Class 2 Contact & Universal Sensor 
  • Secure two-way encrypted wireless network
  • Can be contact only and/or connected to a third party device independent of each other 
  • Terminal for interfacing and an external device/detector with tamper input
  • Has two reed switches- choice for left or right openings 
  • Front and back tamper
  • Enrols on 1 or 2 zones
  • Enrolling on 2 zones allows alarm verification
  • Battery life is typically 3 years*
  • Transmits Alarm, Tamper, Low Battery and Supervisory conditions
  • LED indicator in cover
  • PCB in lid making battery changes easy 
  • Available in white or brown                                                           


* Battery life is based on the typical number of activations and in normal conditions.

GSDi Grade 2 Wireless Contact/ Universal Sensor