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GSD has the solution for Property Management Companies


Secure wireless technology is boosting security and reducing insurance premium in apartment blocks across Dublin.

Horan Properties, which manages several apartment complexes in the Dublin area, is making use of innovative wireless access control  systems from Global
Security Devices to improve the security of its properties.
The company has installed a 35 door system in an apartment block in Phibsboro, a complex which would have been difficult to cable as it is a mature building.Providing residents with keys is the simplest solution, but inevitably as keys are lost or stolen, or people simply move away, security is compromised and the only remedy is to change locks and issue people with new keys, a solution which is both disruptive to residents and costly to implement.More advanced access control devices such as code-based keypads or card based systems offer a better solution,allowing an easier method of updating security measures over time. One simply changes the key code or updates the cards regularly to ensure that security is maintained.

However, the challenge increases in line with the number of inhabitants of a building and the number of access points. Quite simply, the more people who know a key code the greater the chance that the information will fall into the hands of unauthorised people.

The GSD system allows centralised management of all access points from a single control unit. Although such systems have long been available, they have been costly to install because of the need for the installation of network cabling to connect each door together. In the case of retrofitting such a system to an existing building, there would be the added disruption and inconvenience caused by the need to cut and chase holes in walls plus the subsequent necessary redecorating.

The GSD solution overcomes all of this effortlessly as it is wirefree whilst delivering significant savings for both the installer and end user.

In Phibsboro, the access units are activated by RFID key fobs or cards. The RFID fobs contain authorisation codes which are recognised by the access units once they come within range and cause the door to open automatically. A record of the time of entry and the identity of the fob holder is immediately logged at the central software application. The system also has built in alarm conditions, being able to recognise, for example, if a door is being held open to let in additional people which may be evidence of unauthorised access.

“We have been able to reduce our insurance costs by 45%, thanks to this system and the backing which RSA has given it.”

Thomas Horan says that the greater visibility and improved security has enabled residents to avail of cheaper insurance. “We have been able to reduce our insurance costs by 45%, thanks to this system and the backing which RSA has given it.”Wireless systems can be easily scaled up to cater for larger premises and Horan says that the success of the Phibsboro project has led the company to make the decision that the GSD solution is the system of choice for a €40m complex in Tallaght containing 370 apartments.
GSD products are based on the proven industry standard Zigbee IEE 802.15.4 wirefree protocol and use AES encryption ranging from 32bit to 128bit.