GSD PM10 1 Amp monitored 12 Volt PSU

The GSD-PM10 1 Amp monitored 12 volt PSU with mounting locations for 3×5 zone hardwired GSD expanders, connected on the bus provides a further 15 hardwired zones to the GSDi 17/70 Hybrid Alarm Panel.


  1. Mounting locations for 3×5 zone wired expander cards (GSDi-W-EX5)
  2. GSDi-W-EX5 monitors the Relay O/Ps (mains fail and of GSD-PM10)
  3. 4 colour LED status indicators
  4. Battery deep discharge cut-off at 10.2 volts
  5. High Voltage cut-off at 15 colts dc
  6. On-board Variable Pot for precise voltage setting
  7. On-board Varistor for transience suppression
  8. Battery charging circuit current limited (300mA)
  9. PTC “Smart fuse” = re-settable
  10. Vertical enclosure housing 7A hour rechargeable battery
  11. Battery leads and tamper micro fitted
  12. Battery reverse polarity protected
  13. Fail-safe relay Outputs (x2) for AC and Battery Faults


  • LED indication for DC output (Blue)
  • LED indication for AC input (Green)
  • LED indication for high/low voltage fault (Red)
  • LED indication for Low or Disconnected battery (Yellow)
  • Relay 1 output (fail-safe) for loss of AC

GSD-PM10                        1 Amp 12VDC

Enclosure size                 256mm x 345mm x 80mm


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