The issue With Handheld Temperature Scanners

Handheld temperature scanners have become a popular screening solution for businesses and organisations during the pandemic, however this solution is certainly not the most efficient or cost effective one for businesses or organisations. In this blog, we outline some of the issues HR managers and Safety Officers are likely to come up against if they choose to implement this particular screening solution. We’ll also present a more efficient way of mass temperature testing for your business or organisation.


Handheld temperature scanners aren’t designed with mass scale and frequency in mind. They’re used in more spot check style situations, to check the temperatures of people that may be feeling ill or presenting with fever, for example a child feeling ill at school. The pandemic has brought with it the need to temperature test, every person entering an indoor space . In many scenarios, a handheld solution, which needs to be fully manned (for long hours) as people enter an indoor setting simply isn’t a cost effective or efficient solution in the long term.

GDPR Compliance & Data Storage

Handheld Temperature Scanners aren’t a GDPR compliant solution. Manually recording the temperature of each entrant or office worker, and associating that information with a certain profile is not only incredibly tedious, but it poses a lot of data storage and cyber security risks. Manually handling profile and changing health information about entrants/office workers presents a great deal of opportunities for bad actors to access this information and use it to blackmail or leverage funds from companies and organisations.

Human Error

Manning a handheld temperature screening solution requires a great deal of concentration and operators working at large office buildings may be working very long hours. This could lead to lapses in concentration, This means that some users with mildly high temperatures, could be allowed mix in crowded areas. This could lead to the mass spread of infection despite the solution being implemented.

Device Accuracy

A lot of handheld solutions on the market are not professional devices. They’re used for spot check indication of fever and not to detect mild fever that may point to a mostly un-symptomatic user. This means users that may be presenting with a mild fever, or a body temperature which is borderline, may be allowed to mix in general population, rendering the solution, ineffective.

The Professional Solution

GSD’s Temperature Screening Kiosk is the most cost effective, efficient and professional way of screening people’s temperature as they enter an indoor setting. The solution is automated (So it doesn’t require an operator), GDPR compliant and boasts accuracy to within .3 of a degree celsius. When it comes to a temperature screening in the mid to long term, The GSD Temperature Screening Kiosk makes it easy to manage the health and profile information of the entrants to a building and can be relied upon even during incredibly busy periods. Our professional temperature screening solution will help bolster your Covid19 Strategy and help prevent infectious diseases from entering your indoor setting.

For more information visit our Temperature Screening Kiosk page. If you’re interested in implementing GSD’s Temperature Screening Kiosk at an indoor space that you manage, fill out a contact form here.

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