The GSD Video Academy Is Coming

At the GSD Video Training Academy, you’ll find a host of video resources designed to help installers and engineers become more familiar with GSD products. Our video academy will give installers that are new to our devices, an insight into how they work and how easy they are to set up. 

1. 3 Bedroom Semi Detached, Intruder Setup (Device Enrollment)

One of the sections we’ve created for the course is based on enrolling devices for a 3 bedroom semi detached home (Which we felt was a common use case for the installer). In this section, installers will be able to see how our devices are typically organised for a 3 bed semi, with a step by step close up view of our panel menu. This means installers can get get comfortable with our panel’s menu navigation and gain an insight into how exactly our devices are enrolled and configured, anywhere and anytime that suits them.

What Will I Learn?

There are currently 5 sections in the GSD Video Training Academy course material. Each of these sections have multiple video tutorials detailing various aspects of our intruder devices. Here’s a look at the course break down.

  1. Three Bedroom Semi Detached, Intruder Setup
  • Device Enrollment
  • Device Configuration

2. GSD Panel Overviews

  • GSD i170 Panel
  • GSD i270 Panel
  • GSD i1070 & 10070 Panel

3. The GSDi 70 App

  • GSD i70 App (Installer Setup)
  • GSD i70App (User Setup)

4. GSD IP Reporting An Overview

  • IP2 (An Overview)
  • IP3 (An Overview)
  • IP4 (An Overview)

Installers and Engineers will be able to access these tutorials and revisit them as often as they like, meaning gaining familiarity with GSD devices can be done at a time and pace that suits the installer.

Who Is The Video Academy For?

The GSD Video Training Academy is designed for installer and engineers only. In order to access the course material you must be a registered PSA licence holder.

How Do I Access The Course Material?

Accessing the course material is simple. Fill out the “Request A Password” form here, on the GSD Academy page and we’ll send you the password details once we’ve verified the you or installer company you work for hold a PSA licence.