Meet The Team: Paul Griffiths

Paul Griffiths is a Technical Support Specialist for Irish Security Devices company, GSD. If an alarm installer runs into difficulty while installing a GSD security device, home security, and intruder alarms product, Paul helps them through difficulties so that the alarm can be installed in good working order. Paul believes that being a Technical Support Specialist is an excellent career because it is a varied role and Paul rarely knows what the day might bring. Paul is also seen to be one of the chattier people around the office and so he’s perfectly suited to talking installers through devices setups, installation and at times, current affairs!

A Day in The Life of Paul

On arrival to the office, Paul checks emails in case there were any customers with any queries. he also updates the tickets and any phone calls that weren’t logged. He then goes through his open support tickets carefully to make sure each ticket is closed and each installer arrives at the solution they need finish the job they’re on. Some support calls may be more complex than others, so it’s imperative that Paul is cool calm and collected as he brings installers through the process of device installation.

Being Part of The GSD Team

Paul’s favorite thing about being a Technical Support Specialist is speaking with a lot of different installers through out the day. Paul’s favorite thing about is getting a quick chat in during the morning coffee break. Though, not every day is straight forward and simple. Being a Technical Support specialist does come with a degree of pressure, as installers generally like to work quite quickly. However, Paul’s pretty confident when it comes to pressure. He has a simple mantra that keeps him ready for high pressure moments.

“If there is pressure it will be handled.”

The GSD Mission, Security Devices Made Better


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