Meet The Team: Margaret Tyndall

An Office Dynamo!

Margaret Tyndall is The Senior PA for Irish Security Devices company, GSD. When an installer calls the GSD main-line, they’ll usually end up speaking to Margaret. Margaret is the office dynamo that helps direct calls, e-mails and enquiries so that installers can get what they need quickly. Whether it’s orders, technical support or just a question about our device range, Margaret will find out which department you need to be patched through to and patch you through!

When asked which part of the job she enjoys the most, Margaret responds in a chortling kind of tone, “No two days are ever the same at GSD and that’s what keeps it fresh”.

Being Part of The GSD Team

Margaret has been part of the GSD team since 2013. In that time her dynamism, positive outlook and hard work has helped GSD develop and innovate, particularly with regard to their internal office structures and optimizing internal communications. Margaret can often be found a little frazzled on a Friday at 3.30 pm, making sure that installers all over the country will have their orders go in time to have them received first thing on Monday morning.

The Most Important Part Of Security Device Manufacturing (According To Mags!)

When asked what were her thoughts on the what might be most important aspect of security device manufacturing, she answers instantly. “Production”, she says.. “Production.. I’m a total pragmatist”. She then seems to tumble the question around in her head, just a little while longer. “The more I think about it, the answer has to be customers.” “Customers are the most important part of security device manufacturing.” she says. Demonstrating her keenness for efficiency, but her true nature as a customer-carer!

The GSD team are privileged to have a team member as dedicated, hard working and innovative within the office setting, as Margaret. We’re also grateful for the various wonderful chocolates/biscuits she brings in for the team to munch on from time to time.

The GSD Mission, Security Devices Made Better


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