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GSD introduces new Access Control Integration module!

If you ask any security manager what is his challenge in managing an access control system, his answer will be:


1.       The overhead costs associated with the day to day administration of the system

2.       Security being compromised due to the human error of administrators
3.       Cards not being disabled / removed from the system after staff leave or cards are lost


GSD have solved those problems with the release of our policy driven Access Control Integration (ACI) Module with database integration to HR databases. 

GSD's ACI database integration links the company or campus human resource database to the access control database, enabling the security manager to assign access rights to individuals or groups based on their department, status or indeed course instance. First of its kind in Ireland, GSD ACI module offers clients new levels of efficiency and functionality thus simplifying their maintenance tasks. 

Brendan McAllister, GSD's Software Engineer explains what the system does:

“The ACI module enables the scheduled import of users from other company or campus systems (such as CORE or QUERCUS) to the GSD system by means of a set of policies, each of which specifies a rule for user selection and the access permissions – in terms of Door Groups and Time Zones - to be granted to them. Data which are updated in the company or campus systems are automatically imported daily into the GSD system thus eliminating the burden of manual updating.” 

Commenting on the implementation of the GSD ACI Module in the National University of Ireland Galway, Brendan O' Looney, Principal 

Technical Specialist at NUIG explains how they benefited from GSD' access control integration:

"The Access Control Integration (ACI) module operational on campus at the NUI Galway GSD   access control system generates SQL which is used to query the staff & student ORACLE databases on a nightly/real-time basis. This reduces the time spentinputting student and staff details and applying access rights to individuals. Policies are based on course instance/module for students and department code for staff. The system automatically expires card holders based on the expiry date set within the campus systems and a flexible grace period is included. The ACI module supports fine tuning of access levels for individual students and staff. GSD have been efficient and helpful to deal with and its wireless access control technology is a cutting edge system in terms of the flexibility it allows."

Contact GSD’s team today who will be happy to assist installation companies in solving Security Managers issues!